Community Impact

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Our communities have always been a safe place to thrive, and we’re on a mission to continue that well into the future. People are increasingly choosing to walk or bike to get where they want to go, and as that trend continues to increase, it’s important for community leaders to do all they can to make it safe. That’s why Runway is making strategic investments in a more connected communities by making impact investments in infrastructure and by advocating for smart policies that create a safer active transportation environment.

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Trail Development

Bentonville, Arkansas, is the Mountain Biking Capital of the World™. With more than 500 miles of professionally designed soft-surface trails spanning northwest Arkansas, OZ Trails offers some of the best riding on the planet. This incredible distinction has come after years of intentional work from city leaders, trail builders, maintenance teams, new and experienced riders, and countless others in our great community. We are invested in trail building as the backbone of connectivity to the outdoors.

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Art and Music

We believe that integrating art & cultural experiences into our lives is essential for a thriving community. Our goal is to make art part of everyday life through a dynamic network of museum-worthy art, artists, events and experiences in unexpected places. From art installations along OZ Trails to well-curated art encounters at favorite local establishments, OZ Art NWA helps to make the community more vibrant by promoting access to unique, diverse, authentic art encounters.

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Outdoor Recreation

Creating access to the outdoors is a core value at Runway. In collaboration with the Peel Compton Foundation and the City of Bentonville, we provided design support for Osage Park and the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Osage Park lets visitors explore a 12-acre wetland system by foot or bike on boardwalks; the Quiver Archery Range provides a 70-meter outdoor range with 20 archery lanes; and a 2-acre park includes a fenced-in area for dogs. Coler provides more than 17 miles of easy-to-advanced bike trails; a campground with hike-in tent sites and camper van spots; and The Homestead, an open-air barn with seating for small groups. Additionally, the Walton Family Foundation has provided grants to 15 cities in Benton County to help increase and diversify the area’s tree canopy. The grants allow cities to plant large trees near trails, highways, parks, airports, elementary schools, playgrounds, golf courses and other public spaces to improve livability and economic activity. Cities host giveaways in the fall for residents to receive smaller trees in three- to five-gallon pots.

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