Fly Oz in Bentonville helping backcountry aviation become an increasingly important part of the state’s tourism profile

The backcountry aviation arm of Thaden Field’s offerings is called Fly Oz, directed by pilots Chip Gibbons and Steve Johnson. Runway Group created the initiative as an opportunity for pilots and non-pilots to connect to outdoor recreation opportunities through a network of grass airstrips tucked away in the state’s mostly mountainous northwest and north-central regions.

“It’s part of a larger initiative to get people in the air,” said Chad Cox, aviation director for Runway Group and general manager for Summit Aviation, Thaden Field’s fixed-based operator. “Flying isn’t just about getting from Point A to Point B. It’s also about connecting to what is happening in the cycling world, the climbing world, paddle sports, regional outfitters and restaurants. Connect those things, and you add to the overall adventure of Northwest Arkansas.” Read MORE.